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Eolx of Hawks


As a symbol of my dedication, I wear a Visionary’s Helm. Trouble may follow, but I use my dignity to overcome it. I was raised by common folk. One of my biggest regrets is that I’ve never searched for my true parents. Everyone said I was blessed by Dwayna when I was young.


Visionary's Helm

Tyria is bigger than we know and filled with mystery. This helm is open, allowing me to see with clarity. With it, I will seek the world’s greater truths that others fear to explore.


I was raised among the common folk of Divinity’s Reach. We’re the working class, the cogs that keep the city running. I help out at a tavern owned by my friends, Andrew and his daughter Petra.

Dwayna — the goddess of healing, air and life — is the even-tempered leader of the old gods. She is often depicted as young, tall and slender, rising into the air on immense feathery wings.


I’m dignified even when up to my ears in mud. It’s what makes people respect me. A serious, thoughtful demeanor is the route to success.

Unknown Parents

When I was an infant, I was abandoned at an orphanage. A kind couple adopted me and became my family. However, I’ve always wondered about my real parents.

Durmand Priory

The Durmand Priory is a bastion of history, containing the collected wisdom of the ages. For two hundred years, we’ve stood upon a foundation of lore, research, and exploration.