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Adium is the client I use for Instant Messaging (AIM and Facebook). It is highly customizeable, which is the main reason I use it over iChat. Alfred all you have to do is press alt + space and up pops Alfred, a search program more powerful than spotlight. It can run apps and terminal commands and define words, google search etc. Betterzip has way more functions than a mac’s innate unzipping program. Caffeine adds a little coffee cup icon to the menubar. When activated, it simply keeps your screen from falling asleep. You’d be surprised how much you use it. CandyBar is a simple way to change and manage icons. CloudApp adds an icon to your menubar, where you can drag and drop files to be uploaded to your cloud account. It’s super easy and efficient and is integrated with a growing number of programs. Cocktail is a maintenance utility to keep your mac nice and streamlined. Courier is a really simple, pretty way to upload files to Facebook and Flickr (and CloudApp!). Delicious Library 2 is a library cataloging program. I’ve been having some problems with it on my big iMac, though. MacGourmet is a program to keep your recipes in, plan meals and make shopping lists. Mudlet is the program I use to play the Discworld MUD. Photoshop CS3 is where I muck about with graphics for the internet and tweak photos I’ve taken. Poladroid Quick and easy way to fake polaroids with pictures you’ve taken digitally. Pulp (formerly Times) is an RSS aggregator that is minimalist and lovely. Too bad that it is being redesigned for the mac. Scrivener is a writing program. Alt + cmnd + f is your friend. Total Finder adds tabs to Finder — something I wish I’d never had to live without. Transmit is an FTP program, which I use to upload files to my websites. VLC is a video player that can play basically any codec natively (vs Perian, a program I also have but rarely use, which adds codec support for Quicktime specifically). Wunderlist The prettiest to-do list I’ve seen. It integrates with CloudApp.



Adium .chatlog viewer.

BetterZip Quick Look Generator for previewing what files are inside .zip files.

Brushview to view Photoshop brushes.