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City of the Dead
City of the Dead, part of a larger series called The Park City Series, follows Raine McAllister as she navigates through some very odd situations involving the living dead and an amusement park where things are not always as they seem. Set around the codenamed Carnival Wing of the city’s Research and Development program, the story will follow her as she learns the ins and outs of the city-wide theme park her uncle founded.


Deep in the heart of some country or another is a theme park. It’s inevitable, really; some capitalist or dreamer decides one day, “Hey, there’s a lot of open space here. I’m going to take the embellishments in my head and let them live here”. Sometimes, you can be lucky and that founder (of what could potentially be an unholy union of a lot of extremely pungent people and overpriced goods) can be a prodigal of both: a dreamer that sells. We were that lucky once. See the pistons of his nature working: moved by imaginings, concepts, what-ifs, while a light in the remote alleys of his mind lights up. In kick his instincts, making something out of nothing, both in his head and in his bank. The Park City’s progenitor died tragically while eating jelly beans on his favorite ride: the flyers. The flyers used to be a pretty popular ride until our hero, Timothy Danes, fell the 30 stories from the attraction and spilled his rose-colored guts all over some tourists. Before he was a pancake, he was my uncle.

The thing she liked best as a child was her private spinning game. She would tap her tip-toes quickly in the twinkling twilight, tightening her arms against herself to gain as much momentum as possible. On the nights when the stars hung from the sky and she imagined she could see the strings connecting them to the ceiling of space, Raine McAllister with her white straw hair, would orbit in circles around her own gravity until her legs ached. Just before the moment when she would stumble from exhaustion (legs unable to keep up their dance, tangling downward), she sprang, airborne as her limbs stretched outward: half to break her fall, half to go as high as possible.

Where Can I Read It?

I have a very strong concern about my work being plagiarized, should I choose to put it up on the internet. Bits of old drafts have been posted at Venture Further (you must be a community member to read them) and new drafts will continue to be brainstormed there, with the help of my good friend Brigid. Finished sections are also placed up at the Park City Wiki — but log in access is highly restricted at the moment, as well.

I may choose to post it here in the future, as I feel more and more inclined to do. I highly doubt it will ever be published, so my only concern is receiving credit for my work around the web, should anyone choose to look at it.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.