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Cross Your Fingers Hold Your Toes: Summer 2011 | .foxgrove

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Cross Your Fingers Hold Your Toes: Summer 2011

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01. “Our Deal” by Best Coast
“When you leave me / The bed is empty / And I feel crazy / Cause I didn’t say anything / I wish you would tell me / How you really feel / But you’ll never tell me / Cause that’s not our deal”
Reminds me of The Beach Boys; just a simple, catchy song with dreamy surf guitars supporting it. Short, sweet and just long enough to be perfection, to boot; this will contrast wildly with the 10 minute long end song on the mix.

02. “Cross Your Fingers” by Laura Marling
“Cross your fingers, hold your toes / We’re all gonna die when the building blows / And the house that you were born in / Is crumbling at the corners / Sagging skin and feet of crows”
Catchy and a little morbid, quite like The Smiths but with a gentler voice and bells.

03. “This Modern Love” by Bloc Party
“To be lost in the forest / To be cut adrift / You’ve been trying to reach me / You bought me a book / To be lost in the forest / To be cut adrift / I’ve been paid / Don’t get offended / If I seem absent minded / Just keep telling me facts / And keep making me smile / Don’t get offended / If I seem absent minded / I get tongue-tied / Baby, you’ve got to be more discerning / I’ve never known what’s good for me / Baby, you’ve got to be more demanding”
Well-written words, nice melody, and sweet melancholy… what more could you want. I recently realized it was used in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Way to go, show!

04. “Ceiling of Plankton” by Givers
“It’s that desire over love I have to turn around / And come right back to bay / ‘Cause you’re my ceiling of plankton / You hold the white light much better / And you know / You got that keeping it warm / Not too tight / Just like my favorite sweater / And you glow a purple star”
Makes me think of Mike and Briana’s wedding/relationship. Whimsical flutes, perfect for their pretty wedding.

05. “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend
“Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? / I’ve seen those English dramas too, they’re cruel / So if there’s any other way to spell the word / It’s fine with me, with me / Why would you speak to me that way? / Especially when I always said that I / Haven’t got the words for you / All your diction dripping with disdain / Through the pain / I always tell the truth”
Baroque pop… need I say more?

06. “O.N.E.” by Yeasayer
“The room’s still now when I’m lying / ’cause the well of the night has gone dry / When they ask to behave, I pay them no mind / Now I doubt if I’d have been so kind / Hold me like before / Hold me like you used to / Control me like you used to”
This and his song “Tightrope” are my favorites… it’s like you’ve stumbled on a secret hipster jungle dance party.

07. “Hello (ft Dragonette)” by Martin Solveig
“I could stick around and get along with you, hello. / It doesn’t really mean that I’m into you, hello. / You’re alright but I’m here, darling, to enjoy the party. / Don’t get too excited ’cause that’s all you get from me, hey. / Yeah, I think you’re cute, but I really you should know. / I just came to say hello”
Good mixing, fun lyrics.

08. “No Love” by Hooray For Earth
“His fire goes / Into our minds / Creating further holes / Construction it / Without plan / Damaging the soul / Violent and bold (it’s a beautiful design) / Watch the light take hold (it’s a beautiful design) / Over and over until (it’s a beautiful design) / Watch the color spill”
“If a wire runs from house to house does it mean we are connected?” Probably my favorite piece of imagery in the whole song.

09. “Where You Wanna Go” by Mischa Daniels ft J-Son
“I can take you where you wanna go, anywhere you wanna go / We can go around the globe, ’round the globe”
Another simple dance track… guess they’re my default for summertime. I think the best summer songs are about travel and good love.

10. “Where Is My Mind? (ft Emily Browning)” by Yoav
“I was swimming in the Caribbean / Animals were hiding behind the rocks / Except a little fish, but they told me / He swears he was trying to talk to me, to me / Where is my mind?”
Pretty re-envisioning of the classic Pixies song, more mellow until the end. I’m a sucker for guy+girl songs, so that doesn’t hurt it, either.

11. “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” by Joe Anderson
“She’s not a girl who misses much / Do do do do do do do do, oh yeah / She’s well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand, like a lizard on a window pane / The man in the crowd with the multicoloured mirrors on his hobnail boots / Lying with his eyes while his hands are busy working overtime / A soap impression of his wife which he ate, and donated to the National Trust”
Another re-envisioning of a classic song. My iPad kept shuffling Beatles songs into the mix on my drives home after weeks of hearing them nonstop on the radio.

12. “Steam Will Rise” by Silverchair
“Contain yourself / I will compress / What I am too / Replace yourself / With what you have / Your substitute ”
In planning the trip to Australia, Jess and I discovered we both love Silverchair, and that the lead singer lives in her city.

13. “Strobe” by Deadmau5
“ … ”
When he gets it right, he really gets it right. I love this song as background noise to driving with the windows down after class. The ten minutes is a little too indulgent and part of me wishes the sound would have just begun at 4:30. I think most of his songs needs an editor of some sort; he’s often at his best when collaborating with others.

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