Galactica; I taught myself how to build a computer

Over Spring Break of this year, my windows laptop broke. I used it mostly for playing video games, as I am sort of in love with Apple products for day-to-day use, at the moment. My solution was to build my own desktop. It was an absolutely awesome experience; thanks to Google and some tutorials, I purchased my parts, built her up and plugged her in. She’s a little monster.

I skinned Galactica using CustoPak Tools (for the log-in screen, which I couldn’t screencap or photograph properly) and Rainmeter. Wallpaper. More pictures behind the jump…

One thought on “Galactica; I taught myself how to build a computer

  1. Absolutely beautiful set up… I’ve always found it difficult to find decent wide wallpapers. Oh – and have you checked out Rainlendar?

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