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Faces I Remember (Marauder Elite 2008) | .foxgrove

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Faces I Remember (Marauder Elite 2008)

1. No, Really. “The Beginning of the End”.

Liam leaned in the doorway. He looked tired. Darren’s face crumpled into a mix of rage and soul-crushing sadness.
“Poison? Is that the best you could do for the woman who put up with your shit for thirty fucking years?” Darren spat, his body shaking as he attempted to control his impulses. Impulses to scream, to cry, to rip his father apart so many times he was nothing but a blood stain on the carpet.
Liam shrugged. “I see your language has gotten worse, son,” he murmured, eyes unreadable as he crossed his arms.
Darren lunged. His fingers closed around the man’s throat and spun him up against the wall. His father was getting old; the struggle was weak. Somewhere in the back of Darren’s head, this made him exponentially angrier and even more filled with sadness. “I? Am not your son,” Darren hissed, his fingers twitching tighter over the man’s jaw. #

Why bother trying to save this world gone wrong?
Tip your hat, raise your glass, and say so long

It’s the beginning of the end, my friends
We were destined from the start to make a mess

2. Frou Frou. “Psychobabble”.

Remus took a deep breath and grinned ruefully at Lily, nudging her back slightly, “We can’t all be so sure of our romantic relationships.” He would never admit that he was rather jealous of the bond that James and Lily so clearly showed. …
“As for Athena…I should give her some choice in the matter, but I don’t know how to give her a fair choice without revealing too much. If the Death Eaters come after us, after those we love, if I’m out one day protecting people and I die and she doesn’t know what happened….would that be easier for her than if we just broke things off now?” #

Do just what I tell you
And no one will get hurt
Don’t come any closer
Cause I don’t know how long I can hold my heart in two

3. Ingrid Michaelson. “Die Alone”.

Kiss the boys as they walk by, call me their baby
But little do they know, I’m just a maybe
Maybe my baby will be the one to leave sore
Maybe my baby will settle the score

4. Stabilo. “Flawed Design” (Remix).

Darren adjusted the mask that covered his face and grinned so widely that it left a small gap between his flesh and the metal. “You’d have to be a fool to not be afraid of the three of us. We’re invincible. I can’t wait until we’re 50 and become those eerie men that people kind of avoid. Except in the pub. Where we’ll get shitfaced and hang people from chandeliers,” he said.
“You’re already one of those men, Avery,” Rabastan half-joked. “So you’ll just have to wait for us to catch up, won’t you?” #

When I was a young boy
I was honest and I had more self control
If I was tempted I would
Then when I got older I began to lie to get exactly what I wanted when I wanted it
And I wanted it
Now I’m having trouble differentiating between what I want and what I need to make me

5. Placebo. “Daddy Cool”.

“YOU’RE THE BEST!” Lily yelled over the sound of the music, feeling a grin crack over her face.
“NO, YOU ARE!” Alice retorted, grabbing Lily’s hands to dance. While spinning herself under her friend’s arm, Alice noticed a couple of the Muggles at a very colorful contraption. “LILY! IS THAT FOR PICKING SONGS? WILL YOU PICK A SONG FOR MEEEE?”
Lily laughed and yelled, “YES!” and quickly weaved through the people dancing to the juke box. She popped in some of the muggles coins she had brought and quickly flipped through the songs and landed on “Daddy Cool”. She grinned and pushed the button and ran over to Alice, back through the small sea of people, bouncing to the baseline. #

She’s crazy like a fool
What about it Daddy Cool?
I’m crazy like a fool
What about it Daddy Cool?

6. Our Lady Peace. “Love and Trust”.

“Right!” Frank clumsily set down the first round of beer on a coffee table that had seen better days and probably previous owners. “Only rule is, nobody talks about work. Anybody who does, I’m sendin’ right out to get more beer. Words that are off limits,” he continued, “include but ain’t close to limited to ‘blood,’ ‘corpse,’ ‘spy,’ ‘unforgivables,’ and, because I truly care for all o’you, ‘Lestrange.'”

Whatever my mother claims, I [Alice] do have one word for all the witches reading this, young and old, and that is heart. We can all tell that we are living in harder, darker times, but please, don’t lose heart. We at the Ministry are working overtime to keep you and your loved ones safe, and it will only be worth it if you keep believing in us. Be vigilant, especially for children or any family of mixed blood, but don’t let fear shut you in your house or turn you against your neighbour. # #

Father, will you comfort me if I call?
This crazy world has lost it’s mind
It’s our fault
Oh you can try and straighten it
It turns, it turns, it turns
Oh you can try and smother it
But it burns

7. Blair. “Have Fun, Go Mad”.

“And, in conclusion, yes, Lily is currently the only one of you who gets a ride. Why? Because she’s not stupid enough to smudge the chrome!” Sirius was grinning even as he swatted at Peter’s hand, seemingly unable to stop, loving his friends enthusiastic reactions and approval.
“Pads,” James said. “You are aware that there are forces of nature at work every day, aren’t you? Bird droppings, for one.” He reached out and stamped his hand flat on the black front and then tilted his head to admire the full-sized palm print. “You know, I wouldn’t be worried about a few smudges if I were you,” he said with mock thoughtfulness. “You won’t even be able to see them under the dents and scratches after a few trips in the air.” #

Cause it’s a high proud, cool crowd, hang out clubhouse, Just where I Wanna be. I said:
Lord have mercy, lord have mercy on me..Yes
Have fun, Go mad – Do what I say

8. Royal Crown Revue. “Hey Sonny (Where’d You Go?)”.

Hey Sonny, where ya been?
What about Vegas with a fifth of gin?
Leanin’ on the angles for a bit of green
Shadowing the underground where you ain’t seen

9. The Clash. “The Card Cheat”.

Not only was it very grey, but Alice had spent the better part of the day in this corner, working out a mapping of the Halloween crimes. With enough attention to detail, she was sure, they could assign a Death Eater profile to each of the crimes– not only from Halloween, but all of them– and maybe link up the crimes in groups, to really sort out who was doing what. It would be a long job, but she had to start somewhere.
The investigators had confirmed her suspicion: ten pair of Death Eaters, working throughout the night. Not all of them had a distinct style, but with enough time, Alice was confident she would see them. Already, patterns were emerging. Some were blunt, some were careless, some were careful and clean. #

From the Hundred Year War to the Crimea
With a lance and a musket and a Roman spear
To all of the men who have stood with no fear
In the service of the King

10. Robbie Williams. “Mack the Knife”.

Rabastan took long strides, hoping to get them inside before the cold got to Evan or a new distraction stole Darren away. “So, Regulus, I trust you’re still holding up our legacy in the dungeons?”
“If you’re speaking of the legacy of brewing Merlin-knows-what at the back of potions class and getting the sixth-year girls drunk in the common room, no, I decided to let that one slide,” he said in response to the older boy’s question. “I believe I have everything else adequately under control though. I may even surpass your efforts in certain area-”
A shopper pushed past him roughly, breaking off his speech and sending him off balance. He put a foot back to steady himself and wheeled around angrily.
A scoff came from Darren as Regulus was pushed by the shopper. He immediately turned about-face, following in the footsteps of the shopper for a moment before wrenching his new hat off of his head and readying it for a blow.
He hesitated for a moment, put the hat back on and slapped the offending man upside the back of the head with his hand. Darren turned to beam back at the group. “I can wash my hand, but not my hat,” he explained with an air of cheeriness. He was seething but hiding it well, so he thought. #

Did you hear bout Louie Miller? He disappeared, babe
After drawing out all his hard earned cash
And know MacHeath spends, he spends just like a, like a sailor
Could it be, could it be, our boy did something rash?

11. Thisway. “Crawl”.

Regulus ignored the plea for assurance, fixated instead on his brother’s final words. “There’s going to be a next time?” he asked stupidly, trying to keep the sudden rush of surprise and happiness from his voice. He’d been willing enough to go along with Sirius’s sudden desire to play at happy families, but always convinced that that was exactly what it was; playing. Sirius was going to come to his senses and disappear off again, remind himself that he didn’t want anything to do with his brother after all. And then there would be more slamming of doors and shouting and everything would continue as before.
The idea that it might be real was just as frightening.
“Yeah, of course there will be. I mean – if you want it.” Sirius smiled hesitantly, trying to gauge Regulus’ face. His brother was always so unreadable though and now was no exception. Sirius took a deep breath and smiled widely.
“I’ll even give you a ride, if you’d like. It’s pretty fun.”
Try as he might, Regulus couldn’t prevent himself from smiling back. Although if Sirius thought charm was going to be enough to get him on the back of a Muggle deathtrap, he was sadly mistaken.
“Thanks, but I think I prefer flying,” he declined. “And…” he took a deep breath. “Sure.” #

Cause if I wait too long,
How am I gonna reach my destination?
And now I know the time has come,
Its all right here, its all so clear to me

12. +/- {Plus/Minus}. “No One Sees You Like I Do”.

Peter stood there staring, various emotions flickering across his face. He wondered fleetingly if he oughtn’t just do what Snape asked; and just perhaps he, Peter, could be the hero for once. Such a thought cheered him considerably. He took another hesitant step forward. “What sort of information?” he asked cautiously.
“Not much,” Snape said, as reassuringly as he could manage. “Just a few words, Peter, to save you all. I know there is an organization in place opposing ours.” He didn’t add any of the unflattering adjectives that he normally would have; telling Pettigrew he found said organization ineffectual at best would not help. “All I want from you is its name. Surely that cannot do anyone any harm, and it will spare you.”
Peter watched Snape warily for a few moments as he debated within himself. Surely such a small thing could not possibly do anyone any harm; but then, if his friends knew he was even talking to Snape…he stopped before his thought process went any further. He knew exactly what his friends would think. His indecision showing on his face, he asked, “Why d’you want just the name?” He was no Death Eater, obviously, but he could not comprehend why Snape wanted this particular bit of information.
Severus smiled patiently. “It is a small thing, is it not? Come, Pettigrew; the name, and I’ll be on my way, and you’ll have saved those for whom you care.” #

Hands tied onto the bedpost
Tears falling down from the blindfold
Running my hands through your hair
Hush now – you won’t feel a thing

13. The Sundays. “Wild Horses”.

James was flabbergasted. There Lily was, still battling the aftereffects of the Cruciatus, and she was asking him if he was all right?
“You’re a hell of a witch, Lily Evans,” he said quietly. He did a quick mental check of his body–no missing limbs, that was good. “I’ve got a few scratches, but nothing serious.” He didn’t mention that his hands felt like lumps of charred meat, or that he was pretty sure his throat would have a nice ring of bruises tomorrow.
He looked her in the eye. “How do you feel?” He wanted, desperately, to reach out and touch her, to just hold her, and his hand twitched at his side, but she looked so shaken that he wasn’t sure. After all they had gone through in the past year, the last thing he wanted was to give Lily the chance to push him away.
“I feel like shit, to borrow Sirius’ wording,” Lily said with a slight grimace. Orange streaks of hair blurred her vision, but somehow it didn’t stop her eyes from finding James’. #

Graceless lady, you know who I am
You know I can’t let you slide through my hands
Wild horses, couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses couldn’t drag me away

14. Shiny Toy Guns. “Jackie Will Save Me”.

Emmeline’s face lit up at the sight of the books and she reached for them eagerly. Kingsley didn’t have to worry; she knew that she would read them from cover to cover. Running a finger down the spine of the first one she opened it to examine its contents page, stopping only to direct a small, concern frown towards Kingsley. “Are you allowed to give me these?”
“Probably not,” answered Kingsley. “To be honest, they’re my books. I bought them for my training courses. Therefore I should be able to do whatever the bloody hell I want with them.” He picked up his glass and drained the rest of his juice, grimacing at tasting something sour at the bottom.
“You’re more than just a weapon, you know,” said Kingsley. #

Jackie, what’s the problem?
You’re a lady
You can stop them
Where’s your baby?
He’s alone…

15. Just Jack. “Starz In Their Eyes”.

“I don’t think you need to worry your little head about that,” he said. “You take care of your job, and I will take care of mine.”
“It might affect my strategies,” Regulus pointed out smoothly.
In truth, he wasn’t sure that he wanted to know what was going to happen afterwards. The greater the knowledge, the greater the culpability, even if it was all towards a greater good. But if Lucius didn’t want him to know, something told him it was important that he should.
“The Dark Lord intends to keep him around,” Lucius said slowly, carefully. “He thinks we can learn from him. Of course, if he outlives his usefulness…” Lucius needn’t say more. Regulus would get the point.
“Fine,” Regulus nodded jerkily. He was done with the conversation, he decided. He needed to think. Needed to make sure he did this properly. Needed to make sure he didn’t focus too much on what Lucius had just told him. Not that it mattered, obviously. Just… #

Since you became a VIPerson
It’s like your problems have all worsened
Your paranoia casts aspersions
On the truths you know

16. The Editors. “Blood”.

Don’t say it’s easy to follow a process
There’s nothing harder than keeping a promise

Blood runs through your veins,
That’s where our similarity ends
Blood runs through our veins

17. OneRepublic. “All Fall Down”.

Everyone’s the same
Our fingers to our toes
We just can’t get it right
But we’re on the road

18. Doves. “Blackbird”.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free

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