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Update On My Life With An Android | .foxgrove

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Update On My Life With An Android

I was a loyal iPhone customer for a while. I had the original and all of its incarnations, the last of which may or may not have been resold on eBay to help pay for an Evo 4G, a phone running Android.

There are a lot of design features I love about this phone. But why in god’s name does the back button seem to quit every app except for the Phone app, in which it just acts as a back button? My understanding of the logic of the phone is different. If I could have the back button function as an “end call” button when I’m on a call, it would be great. And if I could get a “End Call In Progress + Answer New Call” button, that would be double great. Do you know how often I play little spats of phone tag with people? Frequently. They drop off or I drop off, or this phone fucking lights up and my face accidentally pushes the disconnect button. Then I call them back while they’re calling me back, I get their answering machine and suddenly they’re my incoming call. So I answer, unable to hang up the original call, and end up leaving like an unnecessary voice mail that’s 45 seconds of silence for them while my phone puts it on hold. And then doesn’t let me end the call.

Finally, two gripes on contact info. Why is it that when I set a nice, high quality image of someone, what pops up is a compressed, pixelated, miniscule picture of them, surrounded by ugly design? God, it’s ugly. I have a big, glorious screen and by god, I want the things on it to be pleasing. This screen is NOT. So: Fix your incoming call screen. Secondly, when I set a picture of someone, I want that to be what shows up. Just because I link an account to Facebook doesn’t mean I want their drunk, inferior pictures popping up all over my phone. Stop automatically pushing Facebook photos over the ones I set.

In many ways, I miss my iPhone. I wish it looked as pretty as the wallpaper on my Evo does, though, with it’s day-to-night cycle constantly amazing and calming me, and the beautifully animated widgets (the weather+clock widget really is one of my favorite things about the phone). But the switch of UI is so unintuitive, and all the things I love about the usability and flow of my Mac OS is present in the iOS. Intuitively working Android is much more of a problem.

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