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Apple’s Ping | .foxgrove

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Apple’s Ping

It sounds fantastic, and I want to love it. So far I am following two people (Lady Gaga and Yo-Yo Ma). The concept excites me.

When I signed up the following message appeared:

“The name you enter is also the name associated with your account’s billing information. Any previous reviews that you have written with a nickname will now display the name you list here instead of that nickname. To remove any reviews you have written from the iTunes Store, go to your account and click Manage Reviews.”

…kay. Then your iTunes screen is filled with the option to change your first and last name. I chose neither, since it appeared that this would change my billing information.

So, I can’t change my name on Ping (via the Edit Profile option on the Ping main page) without changing my billing information, as well. This seems like a pretty obvious privacy concern, and I’m surprised it’s even an issue.

Plus, Facebook got pulled after launch. I’m a whirlwind of emotion. I love the idea of Ping, but no one I know will use this with any consistency without Facebook support.

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