Flying Over the Streets Tonight : Summer 2010

The title is from the last song on the mix, a song I can’t stop listening to. I was lucky enough to get to hang out at EDC this summer and see Deadmau5, and Kaskade (artist of the last song). …

Two Steps Til the Finish Line : Spring 2010

I ended up enjoying a few (what I would ineptly call) Indian-sounding songs, from albums I’d recently bought off of iTunes (by Astronaut Wife and Splashdown), so I ended up compiling the songs around that. Spring is also the time …

2009 Music Statistics

As of 26 November 2009 @ 11:21 am…

How many songs total: 5485
How many hours or days of music: 13.8 days
Most recently played: “Love Will Come Through” by Travis
Most played: “Where Will We …

2008 Music Statistics

As of 09 December 2008 @ 05:21 am…

I am also proud of these numbers because ….it was double. But then I went through my collection and DELETED ALL THE [MUSIC] I HATE/NEVER LIKED and got album names… It was

Apple’s Ping

It sounds fantastic, and I want to love it. So far I am following two people (Lady Gaga and Yo-Yo Ma). The concept excites me.

When I signed up the following message appeared:

“The name you enter is also the


The indicator light has changed my life.

Honestly. On my iPhone, if I received a text, the screen would light up with the person’s name and the opening content of their message, while a sound would play (unless you’d placed …